Happy April Fool's Day!

We hope you liked our April Fool's Day joke, but we weren't joking when we said that the airport will be busy this summer.

With more airlines, new flights, 30+ nonstop destinations, and larger aircraft serving our market, we're anticipating this summer will be our busiest yet. If you're planning to travel soon, here are a few tips:

  • Arrive to the airport TWO hours before your flight.
  • Airport parking is limited. Have someone drop you off at the airport, make a taxi reservation, take a Uber/Lyft, or check the flyknoxville.com homepage for real-time parking lot occupancy.
  • During peak travel times, there could be a long wait at the TSA Security Checkpoint. Check tsa.gov for a list of prohibited items and to make sure your luggage will fit through the new security screening machines. (If you find that your bag will not fit through the checkpoint, do not abandon your luggage at the airport.)
  • If you are picking up someone from the airport, expect more traffic too. Utilize our free Phone & Wait lot instead of circling the property or waiting on the curb.