Restructuring Parking at TYS: Effective June 1, 2024

McGhee Tyson Airport has seen expansive growth over the past 15 months, which has led to the need to provide additional parking. Since February 1, 2024, the airport has added 1,750 parking spaces to its inventory, not including the planned $190 million Parking Garage Expansion Project that will officially break ground in November. The additional parking spaces have expanded available public parking options; however, they have also created a need to restructure the parking program at the airport.

To better prepare for the incoming peak summer travel season and the projected continued growth in passenger traffic through 2025, as well as accommodate the need for only one garage entrance during construction, the airport will be restructuring its parking inventory. Effective June 1, 2024, the following parking option will go into effect:

  • The long-term and short-term parking lots will be merged and renamed. The names long-term and short-term will no longer be used. All garage parking spaces will be renamed Garage Parking and will remain $22 per day. 
  • The uncovered parking area next to the garage that had been captured for the Parking Garage Expansion Project has been temporarily reopened. It will be named Surface Lot and will remain at $16 per day.
  • Economy Lot A and Economy Lot B will be renamed Terminal Lot A & B and will cost $16 per day. Changes to this lot will be phased in beginning June 1.
  • Economy Lot C provides a shuttle to and from the terminal building and will remain $11 per day. This lot will include an overflow section that will be opened as needed during peak parking times.
  • The airport is opening two new public parking areas named Economy Lot D and Economy Lot E. The new lots will offer shuttle service to and from the terminal building and will add over 350 spaces that cost $11 per day. These lots will be utilized as overflow until needed at peak times.
  • To assist in the pickup of arriving passengers, the airport has opened an additional Cell Phone Lot located beside the Airport Hilton and Terminal Lot B. This new area adds 95 spaces, which will allow drivers to remain in their vehicles until their guest is ready to be picked up at the terminal building. The existing Cell Phone Lot, which is located behind the Surface Lot, will remain open.

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